All your products can be added and edited from the Products menu on the left hand side of the Builder area.

Products can be associated with one or more categories (which can be added/edited from the relevant menu).

Product Types
There are two types of products you can sell through SimpleShop:
Physical Products - These are physical goods (e.g. a bicycle or a t-shirt) that are shipped out to your customers... in order for your shop to work correctly, you need to add at least one shipping method in order for customers to place orders.
Digital Products - this type of product has one or more digital files (e.g. MP3 or PDF) attached to it. The files are automatically sent to the customer upon successful completion of their order.

Product Variants
Each product can come in a variety of options... for example, if you're selling t-shirts and you'd like to offer them in different sizes, you can add a variant for each size. The customer will be prompted to select a variant when adding the product to their basket. If a variant means that the product is more expensive, you can add the additional cost and it'll automatically be added to the customer's basket when they check out.

Importing & Exporting Products
If you have a large number of products to add or amend, then using SimpleShop's bulk export/import functionality makes life a lot easier! We always recommend downloading an export of your products first and then adding/remove/updating rows in that spreadsheet before importing them. The most important thing to remember is that if there is a valid ID in the first column (Product ID) then the product will be updated. If there is no product ID but the other details are present (title, price, etc) then a new product will be added. If an existing product is missing from the spreadsheet, then it will be deleted.

There are several fields available in the export/import spreadsheet:
Product ID - this is the ID assigned to a product by SimpleShop. It's only available when editing an exported list of products (i.e. it's not the same as a product code or ID you may already use from a manufacturer or supplier). If you're adding a product, leave this blank.
Categories - this is a list of the categories in which the product should be listed. If a product is in multiple categories, separate the category titles with a comma.
Status - this can be either 'active' or 'hidden'.
Description - this is the product description. You can include HTML tags if you like, or it can be plain text.

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