You've got maximum shipping flexibility, with the ability to add multiple shipping methods, destinations and rates.

To start, it's best to define the terminology we use when setting up shipping on your shop:
Shipping Method - this is most often the carrier you'll use for this method. It could be DHL, Fedex, Royal Mail or even 'Collect from store'
Countries - the list of countries where this shipping method is available. It could be a single country, a group of countries or even worldwide if it applies everywhere.
Rates - the different rates (or bands) within this shipping method. For example, you may offer shipping at a certain rate when ordering a certain number of products or free shipping when ordering over a certain number. You can change the rates to be calculated on total order weight, value or quantity.

An example of a shipping method set up to ship to the UK. It charges £5 shipping for orders less than £10 in total value and free shipping for orders over £10:

Advanced Shipping SettingsThe advanced shipping settings enable you to completely customise the shipping method to fit in with your business. For example, if you wanted to offer discounted shipping to people near to your physical location then you could enter the following to give a 20% discount to addresses starting with BS1:

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