You can buy new domains through the builder area or point existing domains to your SimpleShop store.  You can add a domain you have previously registered elsewhere using the following instructions.

To access the domain settings section, click Settings, and then Domains in the left hand menu:

Click Add Domain

Select I'd like to use a domain I have registered elsewhere for my store

Add in your domain (e.g. and click Add Domain

You will need to then change the DNS settings at your domain registrar (the place you bought your domain, e.g. GoDaddy).

If you are unsure of how to do this, you can send the customer support at your registrar the below details or a link to this help article and they may be able to do this for you.

DNS settings to use: - A - - AAAA - 2a01:7e00::f03c:92ff:feb0:5495
www - CNAME -

example = whatever your store domain is

if you are running your store as a subdomain of your custom domain, www. can be replaced with whatever subdomain the shop runs on (for example

The domain section in your builder area will tell you what the status of your DNS changes are.  Please note, it is common for DNS changes to take 24hrs to propagate.

If you want to check that the links have been added correctly, you can use this tool and enter your domain:

Once DNS records have been added correctly, you can click the 'make default' button next to your favoured domain to ensure that it becomes the main domain for your shop.  The system then will automatically generate you a free SSL certificate for your domain.

Remember, if you are unsure, ask your registrar's customer support and show them this article - it'll save you time and error!


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