We offer two types of email accounts through SimpleShop.com. In order for either type of email account to work, you need to set the MX records for your domain to point to mx.YOURDOMAIN.COM.cust.a.hostedemail.com (where you replace YOURDOMAIN.COM with your domain). If that sounds complicated, then it's probably best to get in touch with the person that administers your domain and ask them to set it for you.

Email Forwarders
This is the simplest type of account and it essentially just forwards email from your domain to another email address that you already own (e.g. a Gmail or Yahoo email account).

Enter the email address for which you'd like to add a forwarder at the top of the screen. Select 'Email Forwarder' from the dropdown box and then enter the email address to which you'd like to forward the email in the last box. For example, if you wanted to forward steve@example.com to emailaddress@someotherdomain.com you'd enter details as shown in the screenshot.

Full IMAP/POP Mailbox
This is a full mailbox with 5GB of space. You can connect Outlook and other email programs to access this mailbox and you can also access it via a web browser/mobile phone.

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