The tax system used by SimpleShop is both easy to setup and flexible enough to meet the tax needs of the vast majority of small businesses. As well as enabling you to enter product prices including or excluding tax, you can choose whether to add tax to shipping or not, according to the applicable laws in your country.

The amount of tax to include in any order is calculated by combining two factors... a tax class and a tax destination.

Tax ClassesIn many countries, different rates of tax are applied to different items. This allows you to set up all the tax classes applicable to your shop and also set one of them to be the default. All products are assigned to the default tax class unless you specifically override it when editing the product.

Tax Destinations
You may wish to change the tax amounts depending on the country of the customer. You can add groups of countries and change their tax rates by using tax destinations. If you don't set any tax destinations, the default rates (as entered in the tax classes) will be used.

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