First things first

Welcome!  We help ecommerce beginners and experts alike set up a professional looking online store quickly and easily, and we can't wait to see your store live!  SimpleShop is designed to be as easy as possible to use, with a clear interface and minimal technical jargon.  Having signed up, you will view your builder area for the first time.  It looks like this:

On the front page of the builder is all the information you need to get going at a glance.  We compile a shortlist of steps for new starters to get you up and running as quickly as possible:

Clicking on each of these instructions brings you straight to the part of the builder to complete that action, e.g. clicking "Get paid!" takes you to where you can set up Stripe, Paypal or Worldpay to receive payment on your sales.  

As you complete these items, they'll get ticked off, and your progress bar will increase:

You will be surprised how quickly you progress!  If you need help with specific items to set up, you can consult this support section which has specific instructions for each.

Things to look out for

#1 You can change your store name or store URL at any time

If you've recently signed up and realise you want your store name or its URL (e.g. to change, you can do this at any time. You don't need to register a new account to do this, just change the one you already have.

At the top of the builder area, next to your store name is a button titled Edit store name and URL.

Click through to the button and you'll be brought to Settings, where you will see this box

You can change your name here. If you want to change your existing URL or add a new domain, click Click here to change it

Click Edit

Enter your store domain and click Change. That's it! Please note the text box will only accept letters and numbers.

#2 Delete or change the example products and categories

You'll notice in your store there are examples of products, categories, and an example order.  You will want to edit or delete these as you add your own products and categories.  These are just placeholders to show you how a product listing can look and to give you an idea, and they are switched to featured products by default.  Some users just leave these products where they are and it can be confusing for customers!

#3 You can change your theme at any time.  Try different themes!

One of the main reasons users check for help is that they selected a theme when signing up and then want a different theme, but don't realise they can change, or don't know how.

To change your theme, click Design on the left hand menu

Here you will see a summary of what your current active theme is, and can click Install Theme to add a new one.  You can contact us for a quote on a custom theme here, too.

Remember, single product themes, e.g. Single Product are designed to showcase one product only.  If you have multiple products, you must pick a different theme.

#4 Don't let your shop expire when your trial period ends!

If you don't add a payment card and select a plan before your 14 day trial expires, your store may get closed and later deleted.  We don't want that to happen!  Simply select a plan and add a payment card to take your store out of trial mode.  You can do this in the Subscription/Payments section of the builder.

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