As you know, SimpleShop gives you a free domain name for your store.  But having your own domain name and email address makes a huge difference to trust, brand, and sales.  Let's go into detail below.

Our most successful stores all have their own domain names

Whilst many of our stores with domains achieve six-figure annual sales, our most successful stores all have custom domain names.  Why is that?

A custom domain name is a major trust signal for customers

Customers trust stores with a custom domain name far more because it suggests that store is permanent rather than temporary.  It shows that they are serious about their brand name and reputation, and are also serious about protecting it.

A custom email address is another major source of trust

Imagine as a customer receiving email from, rather than  You as a customer, and your email software would treat that dedicated email address as more trustworthy, and are more likely to open, click, and respond to email sent from it.

A custom domain is beneficial for SEO (how visible you are to search engines)

A domain is far more likely to get found for searches of your brand name, and any links you build to that domain will boost your stores visibility in search.  Building links to a dedicated domain is a long established way of getting more search engine traffic to your store.

It's so cheap to do!

Domains registered via SimpleShop are so cheap, you'll wonder why you didn't get one sooner.  You can get a dedicated email address out of that domain, and we can give you a dedicated inbox for it for a small fee, or you can forward the email to a different address completely free!

You can order a custom domain by visiting the domain settings section in the left hand menu of the builder:

Clicking Add Domain:

Selecting I'd like to buy a new domain and use it for my store:

And then follow the instructions.  You'll be set up in no time!

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